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We've compiled a list of the best places to visit in the California capital city for free to do something in and around Sacramento, California. From live music to art, food, art galleries, museums and more, there is something to do in every corner of the city.

This list is a lot of fun whether you're visiting Sacramento for a day or a few days. In the "Do" category, you'll find more things for you and your kids to do in Sacramento, as well as some of the things you can visit for free at the Sacramento Children's Museum, California Museum of Natural History, and more.

Visit the Old Sacramento State Historic Park, also known as Old Sac, and visit the section dedicated to walking through Sacramento. Get a free copy of the Sacramento Visitors' Guide at OldSacramento Visitors Center. Visit the Old Town Hall, the California Museum of Natural History or the State Capitol, as well as the Old California State Historical Park (also known as Old Sac).

There are several free museums on site, including the California Museum of Natural History, State Capitol and Old Sacramento State Historic Park. Participating museums include the Sacramento County Historical Society, California State University, Sacramento and Sacramento City College. The permanent exhibition at the California Museum is the first of its kind in the United States and one of only a few in California.

The museum is located on the second floor of the Sacramento County Courthouse, at 12th Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue in Sacramento, CA. The California Museum of Natural History, State Capitol and Old Sacramento State Historic Park are all located in the same building, just blocks apart in downtown Sacramento.

Check out the walking tours to explore each location at your own pace and view the eight city blocks of the area. Learn about history in several museums, take a river cruise on the Sacramento River, visit the California State Railroad Museum, pick up souvenirs at one of the shops in historic Sacramento, or become part of the Sacramento County Museum of Natural History and State Capitol Museum. Take a tour of Old Sacramento State Historic Park in downtown Sacramento, California, and visit some of the must-see attractions in OldSacramento, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Fargo Express Station and many other historic buildings.

There are also a number of free things you can do in Sacramento. Among the interesting things you do at the Sacramento Capitol are visiting the museum, taking a guided tour of the museum, and much more.

Learn how Sacramento became a city at the California State Library, and learn more about Sacramento and the state of California at the Library and Courts Building. Explore and preserve the region's unique history and heritage by joining the Sacramento County Historical Society's annual Sacramento History Month and supporting the preservation and conservation of Sacramento's historic buildings, parks and sites.

Old Sacramento was one of the earliest trading areas of the city, taken over during the California gold rush. During that time, nearly $2 billion worth of gold was mined in Sacramento, making it an important trading center that is still thriving in Sacramento.

Some of the most notable destinations in Old Sacramento are the Golden Gate Bridge, Sacramento Opera House and Fargo Hall. Even if you don't have the time to do all of this, OldSacramento is full of great restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and other attractions.

The Folsom City Zoo and Sanctuary is located at 403 Stafford St. in Folksom, and the Sacramento Zoo is located at 515 E. Main St., Sacramento, CA 95801, Sacramento.

Folsom Lake is actually a state recreation area located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Just one block from the museum is the California Pacific Railroad Freight Depot, where Sacramento and Southern Railroad offer bicycle rides along the Sacramento River tracks. Every week, bicycle commuters take the route that starts at Discovery Park in Old Sacramento and ends at Folsum Lake, just a few blocks north of downtown Sacramento. Take a bike ride along the San Joaquin River Trail, a one-mile route from downtown to downtown Sacramento.

The Sacramento County Museum of Natural History and the Sacramento State Museum offer a variety of educational programs. The Sacramento City Museum, the oldest museum in the United States, houses a wide range of exhibits and offers events and events.

Anyone considering a trip to California's Capitol should look for budget-friendly activities that are included in their plans. Spend some time at the California Museum of Sacramento to learn about the rich history of our sunny California state. If you're interested in California history and art, the Sacramento State Museum and Sacramento City Museum are a must - visit Sacramento for yourself and your family. Whether you are a fan of history, history, art or just curious, a visit to the California Capitol and Museum is a must.

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