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In 1983, the Sacramento Kings were sold to a group of state owners and moved to their current city in 1985, having previously resided in Rochester, Cincinnati and Kansas City. After one final season in Cincinnati, the franchise moved back to Sacramento for the 1984-85 season. In 1986, after two seasons as a lame duck in Kansas City, they moved to Kansas City and changed their name to Royals, because Major League Baseball's baseball team already bore the name Royals. In 1987, the franchise moved again to Wichita, Kansas, in 1988 to play two "lame duck" seasons in Wichita and one "lame duck" semifinal series in Wichita.

The NBA tried to keep the team in Sacramento until plans were made for a new arena, but after the NBA's Board of Governors refused to support a sale that would have allowed the Kings to move to Seattle, Sacramento fans got good news. Instead, the league arranged a deal for the Maloof Brothers to sell the Kings to a group led by former Los Angeles Lakers owner and former NBA commissioner. Jerry Weston has won $535 million. Kings remained in Sacramento, knowing they would leave next season if the deal with a newer arena didn't materialize.

Sacramento traded Arturas Gudaitis and George Hill in a three-way deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, which included the Utah Jazz. Kings signed Vlade Divac and signed Jason Williams, who had to act on one of the NBA's most exciting teams.

Things didn't go as planned, however, as they lost seven of their first eight games and some openly expressed their contempt for each other. Sacramento failed to make it back to the play-offs - the team became more famous for its management and on-court dysfunction than for its court play the following year. After the deal, the wins were tight as the Kings missed the playoffs for the 11th consecutive time at 32-50.

Kings were ready for prime time when they were swept in four consecutive games by the Los Angeles Lakers. Kings would give the Lakers a taste of their own medicine, however, as Mike Bibby gave them a 92-91 victory with 8.2 seconds left. Their struggles continued, though they had a few bright spots in the second half of the season, winning their first two games against the New York Knicks and New Orleans Pelicans, and DeMarcus Cousins started to play better after some early struggles. In their last four games in 2013-14, they have lost 32-49.

The final score on October 25, 1985, had put the visiting Los Angeles Clippers just three points behind at the end of the third quarter.

For more information about when the Kings play, see the list above and the Sacramento Kings schedule. The win over Houston was Denver's first this season, and they now have a chance to get their hands on the Nuggets after an overtime loss on opening night. To do that, the Royals will need to win their first game against the Houston Rockets, against the Spurs, in the second half.

In August 2016, we signed an agreement with the Sacramento Kings to become their official sponsor. We will be the official sponsors of the Sacramento Kings for the 2016-17 season and the 2017-18 season and beyond.

For this game to have any significance, Sacramento needs to keep order in its first six games. Fox has signed a long-term contract while Bagley faces a test - but to succeed, the franchise must move to Sacramento in 1985. The Kings have not scored a victory since the 1998 lockout - shortened to 90 seasons when a team under then-first-year head coach Vlade Divac and former NBA star Steve Nash scored 27-23. The following season they changed again, exchanging one - former Kings stars Bobby Jackson and Patrick Ewing joined the Houston Rockets in exchange for veteran point guard Eric Bledsoe and a second-round pick.

Kings, who are 7-5 this season, but a win over the Pelicans will give them the tie-break. Sacramento is 0-2 against the Lakers, including a narrow loss in November that they lost 99-97. They lost to New Orleans earlier this year and to Los Angeles last season - but A win against them would give them a tie-break.

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