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When people think of California music, they typically think of the deeds associated with Los Angeles and San Francisco. Labor Day weekend is usually the time of year when we hear a special countdown on the radio for the biggest song or group of all time that listeners vote on. The city of Hanford in the San Joaquin Valley is home to some of the most talented musicians in the country, many of whom live here. Sacramento bands and guitarists include Dixie Chicks, Elton John, the Grateful Dead and the Foo Fighters.

The album shows a band that was well ahead of the curve, merged with mindless drugs - fuelled debauchery and a strong sense of humour. There are also local hits that could go much further than local airplay music, such as "Crayon" with singer Caron Vikre and Harrison Price's 1988 hit "Dance at the Spiritual Zoo." San Diego is home to a number of country and rock bands with roots in the Bay Area, but the East Bay has become a hip-hop stronghold, not to mention a vibrant music scene with a wealth of talent to take back to.

The idea of low-fi bedroom recordings became commonplace, but Fanny went the conventional way and recorded with glossy pop producer Richard Perry, who recorded hits for the likes of Madonna, Katy Perry and the Rolling Stones.

Tesla remains the top-selling artist in Sacramento, having sold more than 15 million albums since signing with Geffen. In a way, Sacramento is the California city that has whitewashed Los Angeles and its music scene. While "More Today than Yesterday" was recorded in LA, the band's "Sacramento" is one of the most successful albums in the city's history.

Bakersfield, for example, has lent the world the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and John Owens, not to mention other naked country acts with knuckledusters. Creedence Clearwater Revival played many high school dances in Sacramento, while the Golliwogs signed to Fantasy Records and launched big national hits. Later, the band was discovered in Los Angeles and became one of the first acts that Fanny signed to a reprise of "Later in Casablanca" and continued in the city for the rest of her career.

Features had a big selling album called Side by Side in 1983, which was driven by local broadcasting, but also by the success of the city's local radio station.

The song is much more tongue-in-cheek, touting proximity to SF and Tahoe as the best qualities, but it's really not about those acts, especially Greenwood. There are many good reasons to sing about Sacramento, and it has never turned into the Nashville of the West. There were only a few names coming out of country acts and there really wasn't much that got in the way of local talent outside of those two acts.

In addition, there were Friday and Saturday night performances by - and coming touring bands from around the country. With amazing live music venues featuring a variety of artists including the Grateful Dead, Dixie Chicks and Electric Light Orchestra, as well as the Sacramento Dance Company, Sacramento offers a great opportunity for visitors to experience music in a different way than most other cities in California.

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German, Swiss and Dutch charts with over 1,000 songs in the USA and over 2,500 in Germany. In 1972, he debuted his first single, "Ain't No Man's Land," on the Billboard Hot 100.

Kak was part of the psychedelic band Oxford Circle, formed by singer Gary Yoder, who later became a member of the national band Blue Cheer and still performs on the Davis music scene. After moving to New York, Erick Purkhiser and Kristy Wallace met in 1976 to form Cramps, an early punk band known as the "CBGB's" S. S., London. Local artist Eric Martin topped the charts with his song "Be," which was written in San Francisco.

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