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More than 25 local museums are offering free admission on Free Museum Day, which kicks off Sacramento Museum Week, February 2-9. The popular day is also a good opportunity to refresh yourself with food and drinks in the local restaurants and bars, as well as in the museums themselves. For more information about participating museums participating in the free Museum Day, proposed parking and public transportation options, and participating restaurants, visit / museumday. This year, more than 25 museums, led by the Sacramento Area Museums, are participating in the free Museum Day, which offers free admission to visitors of all ages, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or disability.

For more information about the free Museum Day events, visit the Sacramento Area Museums website and /

Fill in the application form and all required documentation, including a copy, and send it to Sacramento, California, or write to the DMV at the Sacramento Area Museums Department of Public Works, 1-888-745-5555.

Amtrak San Joaquin is offering a discount to individuals who live in the Sacramento area and want to participate in Free Museum Day. Online tickets are available at 1 - 888 - 9800 or online at / sacramento - region. Amtrak SanJoaquin's offers a "Share of a Fare" discount to individuals staying in Sacramento and other local museums and / or participating in a free museum day.

If you're so inclined, you can take the Amtrak Capitol Corridor train to the California State Railroad Museum. If you're not, you can also visit the Museum of Natural History at the Sacramento Convention Center on Saturday, March 31.

In the main building of the Railroad History Museum, carefully restored locomotives and wagons from the California State Railroad Museum illustrate how the railroad has shaped California history from its beginnings in the late 18th century to the present day. If you visit the museum in the summer months, you can take a steam train ride along the Sacramento River. The California Railroad Museum houses more than 100 restored and historic locomotives and trains from the mid-19th century. One of the best parts of the visit is the visit to the four carriages, which you can actually board and explore.

The museum also houses six to seven exhibits that change annually, highlighting the people and places that make California unique. These include the California State Museum of Natural History, the State Library of California and the San Francisco State Historical Museum.

There are 28 museums in Sacramento, although some are off the beaten track, such as the California State Museum of Natural History and the State Library of California. Visit old Sacramento (where there are so many old buildings that you can hit them with a stick) and think Fisherman's Wharf meets the gold rush, visit the San Francisco State Historical Museum, the Sacramento County History Center and even the Golden Gate Bridge.

The only downside of Sacramento Museum Day is that the crowds come early and want to stick to just one or two destinations. While admission is waived on February 1, regular admission prices apply to all museums during Museum Week in Sacramento. Note: While admission is free for all on the day of the free museum, regular admission is not valid for all museums. Although admission is free for all on the free museum day, no museum has regular admission. Although admission is free for all on Museum Day, regular admission is not available for any museum except the California State Museum of Natural History and the State Library of California.

Avoid parking in Old Sacramento itself, as the parking garage is only good for about 90 minutes and is difficult to access.

The Sacramento Amtrak Station is located right next to Old Sacramento, and convenient parking is available in the second floor Old Sacramento Garage. This is a great place to learn more about the state and is bordered by the Sacramento County Museum of Natural History and the California State Capitol. The Sacramento State Museum, the largest museum in California with over 1,000 exhibits, has given visitors a unique experience to explore the history and culture of the state of California and the people of Sacramento.

This is a fun place to see and do great machines and fun things with children, and is one of the most family-friendly museums you can visit. If you are interested in art, science, history or wildlife, you will find a museum in this beautiful city that you will love. The Sacramento Zoo is also home to the Sacramento County Museum of Natural History and the California State Capitol and is the second largest zoo in the state of California.

Founded in 1885, this museum became the first public art museum in the Western United States and remains one of the leading art museums in California. This museum houses the California Hall of Fame, which displays the contributions of Californians who have influenced the world through their work.

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